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Integrated Garden Curriculum:

The longest-running program of the Rothenberg Rooftop Garden is the integrated garden curriculum. We've worked to design a hands-on, applied curriculum that correlates to the academic standards and pacing guides. This means that the concepts kids learn in the garden are tied to the lessons they receive in the classroom. With the support of Rothenberg's principal, the Garden is now a weekly class that more than 350 students from grades K-5 all attend. 

Rooftop Garden Chefs & Green Thumbs:

The Rooftop Garden Chefs and Green Thumbs program is a hands-on afterschool program that deepens students' Farm to School Education.  This program is a mixture of horticulture and culinary arts, teaching our young gardeners about environmental stewardship through gardening, cooking, and food education - growing and preparing their own food, culinary skill development, and food literacy. This program will increase exposure to new fruits and vegetables our garden has to offer. 


Summer Garden Internship:

The paid Summer Garden Internship builds valuable work skills as our young people, grades 5-7, maintain the garden over the summer months while exposing them to varied garden-related career options. 

Rooftop Harvest Parent Cooking Program
Through our parent cooking program, parents gain practical gardening and culinary skills and develop a stronger connection to the food they provide for their families while having fun.  The program often includes hands-on activities such as planting seeds, caring for plants, and harvesting fruits and vegetables. Additionally, participants are taught how to incorporate these freshly grown ingredients into simple and nutritious recipes. This encourages a healthier and more sustainable approach to food preparation while fostering a deeper appreciation for locally sourced, organic produce.
2021 - 2022
Year in Review

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Garden activities, Recipes and more!
DIY Pizza Box Solar Oven

Did you know that you can directly use solar power to cook food? Using a pizza box as a solar oven is a low-cost, ecologically-friendly technology that is easy to build and fun to use to make tasty treats like s'mores. Click here to learn more!

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Strawberry Freezer Jam
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