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Remembering Pope Coleman  – he nourished the lives of the Rothenberg School community in a unique rooftop garden.

We are saddened by the death of Pope Coleman whose vision and perseverance resulted in the creation of the Rothenberg Rooftop Garden. The Rothenberg School children, their families and neighbors have benefitted from and will continue to learn valuable lessons in this unique and special place. When it was completed in 2014, the outdoor classroom was dedicated to Pope. We are now dedicated to perpetuating his remarkable vision.

IMG_20151102_124551_192Dedicated Individuals and Organizations Drove Local Education Success in 2015 | Soapbox Media | 12/15/2015

“Dedicated individuals and organizations collaborated to invest their hearts, souls, time and generosity to improve the region’s education efforts in 2015. Success was measured in many ways, from better food and new parenting classes to focused STEM mentoring and innovative work/study programs.”  Read Article >>

Learning in the Dirt | Edible Ohio Valley | Fall 2015 

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Rothenberg Garden a Source of Connection, Pride and Growth for OTR students, community | Soapboxmedia | 12/19/2014

“The garden sits atop the fourth floor of the more-than-100-year-old building and is home to potted plants, raised beds and a vast array of vegetables — tomatoes, carrots, strawberries, greens, radishes and beets to name a few — that were planted and harvested by the nearly 450 Rothenberg students.”  Read Article >>

Rooftop Garden Shines with OTR Pride | Cincinnati Enquirer  | 6/25/2014

“This is the first time we can see the results of our efforts,” said Pope Coleman, who spearheaded the project. “Each teacher has a block of ground that’s theirs. And each child has his own plot of ground.”  Read Article>>

Cincinnati Flower Show: Award for Garden with Greatest Impact in an Urban Environment 

The city of Covington Kentucky presented an award for the garden with the greatest impact in an urban environment, and Green City Resouces and Rothenberg Prep Academy WON! We are so honored.

Left: David Mann, Rose Seeger, Bryna Bass, and Covington Kentucky Mayor Sherry Carran.

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Rothenberg Rooftop Garden Childrens “Rap”   |  Fox 19 Morning News  | 5.15.15

“Rothenberg go hard, Rothenberg don’t play.  We go to the garden like every single day.  Rothenberg Academy got the best garden in Cincinnati.”  Listen to the Rap>>