Winter 2016 Curriculum

The winter garden program is focused primarily on literacy, green industry, and scientific related careers for the Rothenberg Prep Academy students.

  • All Rothenberg Preparatory School grades, pre-K thru 6th, have been introduced to the Great Amaryllis Race. Each self-contained classroom and homeroom in the school has its own amaryllis bulb to grow. This garden program has been specifically designed to fit with Common CORE STANDARDS including Life Science: Life cycles, Parts and Functions of a plant, Change in ecosystems, Scientific Method; Math: Measurement and Data (graphs and charts), Number Sense (counting, solving simple addition and multiplication problems).
    • In particular, Mr. Grutz’s 5th grade homeroom is investigating growth of an amaryllis bulb in both water and soil conditions.
  • The 3rd thru 6th grade students are focused on aquaponics with guidance from the 4H Agri-STEM program leaders. These students are Investigating the growth of plants as part of a closed aquatic system. The students are learning about engineering techniques, water conservation, water as a resource, seed starting, capillary action (demo/model how plants take up water), and air pressure (forces and motion) as it relates to aquaponics.
  • The 2nd graders are participating in a science enrichment magnet study. These students are studying forces and motion, including capillary action as it relates to plants and air pressure as it relates to aquaponics.
  • Kindergarten and 1st grade students are engaging in science enrichment, including hands-on activities, building science & critical thinking skills.