Community Happenings

Rothenberg Junior Horticulture Club (February 2016)


Rothenberg is forming a Junior Horticulture Club with help from the Cincinnati Horticulture Society.  This February, Julie Singer and seven volunteers from the Cincinnati Horticulture Society worked with the junior horticulturists to get the club started.  They planted fairy gardens, cactus, succulent gardens, and terrariums for display at the upcoming Cincinnati Spring Flower Show.  The students also learned how to spell t-e-r-r-a-r-i-u-m.  They will be caring for their gardens at school until the flower show in April.  After the show, the students will be able to take their gardens home.


Healthy Cooking Classes (January & February 2016).


This winter we are conducting healthy meal classes inspired by the garden.  In January, Rothenberg parents joined the garden staff in preparing healthy dishes.  Our first menu for this class consisted of tortilla soup, shredded chicken tacos, and mexican coleslaw.  Ms. Muhammad, Beech Acres Family Literacy Specialist, also led the parents in a fun interactive game of nutrition facts.  Our next cooking class is scheduled for February 24th.


Freestore Foodband & Rothenberg School Garden team up for a community educational “From Garden to Plate” programs (July 2015)

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The Freestore Foodbank collaborated with our Rooftop School Garden to conduct a successful five day cooking class for Over the Rhine community residents.  Those participating had a great time learning how to grow their own produce and prepare healthy dishes directly from the garden!

GLAD House Children’s Garden Workshop (June 2015)

The GLAD House is the only comprehensive program in Cincinnati that provides a unique intensive treatment and intervention program for high-risk children who have mental health and behavioral problems as a result of living with a family member with addiction.  During June, children (8-11 years) attended 3 horticulture therapy sessions with a focus on: a)learning how to plan and harvest a garden, b)making scientific observations and connections, and c)the fun and value of a personal worm investigation and its impact on plants.  It was a GREAT success for all!

Rothenberg Prep Academy Summer School Program (June 2015)

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OSU Extension Master Gardener & Seasons Retirement Center Meeting and Tours (June 2015)

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We opened up the garden for a personal tour and meeting for the OSU Master Gardeners and the Seasons Retirement Center.

Marjorie Book Continuing Education Classes (March-May 2015)


The Marjorie Book Continuing Education Program brings teenagers and adults with and without disabilities together for continuing education classes, service learning projects, and theatrical productions.  Marjorie Book believes that teenagers and adults of various abilities can benefit from coming together for activities of common interest and sharing their gifts and strengths.  A series of classes were conducted on the rooftop garden to serve as therapy through gardening for life.

Reading High School Service Initiative (May 2015)

DSC_0149 DSC_0206

Students from the Reading High School Service Learning Initiative, in sponsorship with the Mayerson Foundation, designed and built work benches and tables for the rooftop outdoor classroom.  This is a great addition for the students to make learning more efficient and easier!